Why Most Agents Fail At The Multi Media Real Estate Marketing Approach

Dated: 05/25/2016

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Why Most Agents FAIL at the Multi-Media Real Estate Marketing Approach

In today's real estate marketing, a savvy agent needs to know how to navigate the various advertising mediums in order to attract and convert interested buyers. This means being an expert in both "Old Media" and "New Media" in addition to having a solid follow up system,

Many newer agents make the mistake of relying exclusively on "New Media" in order to get the word out regarding their services or more importantly their clients properties without a follow up system, while more established agents feel absolutely clueless as to how to even break into the "New Media" marketing world.  

So many times, I have heard less tech savvy people talking about how they are "on the internet" or that they have a website.  Great. Everyone Does!  What does that mean?  A website, in and of itself mean NOTHING in the world of online marketing.  Its the digital equivalent of a brochure that nobody has seen.  

The TWO KEYS in Multi-Media are  1. Delivery of Quality Content to Potentially Interested Parties and 2. A "CALL TO ACTION" with a follow up system.

We have both!  We also still utilize traditional"Old Media" marketing as part of our comprehensive plan.   

Here are the STEPS we use to "CREATE A BUZZ" and get prospects to follow through on our call to action.

1.  We create QUALITY CONTENT:

This means utilizing PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS, VIDEOGRAPHERS and WRITERS to capture the essence of the product, in this case your home.

Your home is a PRODUCT that needs to be showcased in professional manner in the same way any other product is showcased.   Have you ever seen a SANDALS commercial?  Quality video, voice over and MUSIC ensure that within 30 to 60 seconds there is an emotional response.   People do not buy homes over features and benefits, they buy because of the feeling they get.

Here is an EXAMPLE of the type of commercial we produce:

We also do IMAGE ADVERTISING to attract consumers but that advertising still always contains a call to action.  Here's an example of the type of commercial we currently have in production.  (THIS IS NOT A COMMERCIAL FOR MY TEAM; JUST AN EXAMPLE)

We also use direct mail, letters and postcards with quality content directed at invoking emotion and a response.  

LASTLY  (and PROBABLY MOST IMPORTANTLY, we have place our content all over social media, on our fan pages, to our twitter followers to Facebook groups we belong as well as SPONSORED ads,  ad placement through GOOGLE ADWORDS.  paid YOUTUBE PLACEMENT, and postings on Craigslist, Ebay Classifieds and dozens of syndicated sites.  Many of these posts simply increase search engine relevance.  

2.  Our content contains a CALL TO ACTION and FOLLOW UP systems

ALL of our print advertising contains a TEXT CODE, URL, QR CODE or a combination of these that leads prospects to content on our website.  Once these prospects are on our website, they are asked to register with an email address and cell phone number.   Over 65% of our registered visitors give us accurate email and cell phone information and then my team personally follows up to see how WE can be of assistance.  From there I build a relationship the includes not only the free use of our online resources, but an actual PERSON who cares about their needs and actively looks to fill those needs.  While some people are reluctant to register, and a small percentage are even annoyed by the follow up, we find that for the most part our follow up is warmly received, especially when they realize we are a local, small business that is genuinely interested in helping them, and that we NEVER share or sell our information.

The Final Word...

TECHNOLOGY is a GREAT TOOL if used properly.  If you are not a carpenter, no amount of new tools can make you better at building a house, but those tools can make a good carpenter, better, faster and more efficient.  The same holds true in my profession.  At then end of the day though its still about relationships, NO EMAIL or website will ever look you in the eyes, shake your hand and say, "you can trust me to look out for you"

Not unlike ALL of our other content, this article also ends with a CALL TO ACTION!

If you would like a customized presentation of how we can put our resources to work on your luxury or executive home,  you can fill out a MARKETING PRESENTATION REQUEST online, call me directly at 262-656-7171 (Extension 101) or text "PRESENTATION" to our TEXT ON DEMAND number at (262) 671-1944

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